About MindWise Health

We understand behavioral well-being and know how to support your business’s success.

Catering to Modern
Behavioral Health Practices.

MindWise Health empowers behavioral health providers with streamlined software, revolutionizing patient care and outcomes. Inspired by transformative technology, we reinvent the way practices serve their patients.

Our Vision

We build a tech-based platform for personalized mental healthcare, partnered with others to reduce stigma and improve global mental health.

Why MindWise Health?

Our goal is to help people who have mental health and addiction problems by providing technology to those who take care of them.

Multi-Attribute Assessment

Different Test Combinations help in evaluating a diverse spectrum of Mental Health Conditions.

Robust Entity-Matching Algorithms and Framework

Algorithms that deal with diverse datasets of Health profiles, Test Outcomes, and Provider Expertise to give accurate clinical guidance.

Robust Team of Certified Mental Health Experts

Experienced Behavioral and Mental Health Specialists provide the required clinical guidance to our patients.

Our founding story

MindWise Health began in 2019. Our team developed a technology platform that allows clinicians to identify patterns of anxiety, stress, and depression. Since then, the company has evolved into a healthcare provider, combining both human care and data science to provide mental healthcare to those in need. MindWise collaborates with employers and health plans to assist millions of individuals worldwide.

Meet Our Team

We have a group of friendly and helpful people who like to tackle new things and make things better for others. If you like helping others, you should consider being part of our team!

Kishore Tummala

Founder and CEO

A tech-veteran with long-standing experience in building successful web & mobile applications. Kishore has helped several companies in their digital transformation journey. He is considered an expert in technical design and is known to create simplified business solutions.

A serial entrepreneur, Kishore has had 2 successful exits in the hospitality sector. Miter Health, a home healthcare platform created under the aegis of Kishore’s leadership has been named as the finalist for the 2022 NEXT Awards – Healthcare Start-up of the Year.

Geoffrey J. Ferris, LBA, BCBA, M.Ed.

Vice President of Behavioral Health

Geoff Ferris’ dream is to help as many people as he can. With over 20 years as a clinician in the field, Geoff is a qualified expert in behavior analysis. He has written expert reports and has testified as an expert witness in dozens of cases over the past 6 years, including in the United States District Court for Middle Tennessee and in hearings before the Alabama State Board of Education and the Tennessee Department of Education. Geoff has also been deeply involved with home healthcare providers to aid behavioral health interventions. Geoff attended Western Michigan University, Cambridge University, and Vanderbilt University.

Bethany Holton, LBA, BCBA, MS

Vice President of Product Development

Bethany is a solution-focused individual with a strong entrepreneurial background. She believes in perseverance and is committed to developing products that assist companies and therapists in increasing productivity, reducing burn-out, improving face-to-face time, and streamlining the documentation process. Bethany has provided over 1500 documentation audits in order to streamline productivity and decrease liability risks within companies. Bethany attended Western Michigan University, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, and Lindsey Wilson College.

Deneil Marie Quinn-Kamm, DBA

Growth Leader

Marie Quinn has a Multi-Site Leadership Experience in managing 100M P&L. Her achievements include – INSEAD Global Leaders Recognition, “Top 10” Head of Sales for 500M company and has successfully achieved an organic P&L growth – from 500K to 4M within 3 years. Marie attended Cumberland University, University of North Alabama, and Argosy University.

James DiGiorgio

Growth Consultant

James is the President at Applied Knowledge, LLC and is committed towards bringing innovation to Healthcare, optimizing clinical, operational, and financial performance. He is focused on helping health systems, physician groups, payers and other healthcare organizations find specific innovative products and services that help them improve clinical, operational and financial performance. James attended Cornell University and University of Dallas.


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